Hitler Not a Zionist

The attempt to establish a Jewish state will be a failure.

– Hitler, Table Talk, October 25, 1941 (Jochmann)

Hitler, Table Talk, October 25, 1941 (Jochmann):
25. 10. 1941, abends
Gäste: RFSS Himmler
Obergruppenführer Heydrich

Vor dem Reichstag habe ich dem Judentum prophezeit, der Jude werde aus Europa verschwinden, wenn der Krieg nicht vermieden bleibt. Diese Verbrecherrasse hat die zwei Millionen Toten des Weltkrieges auf dem Gewissen, jetzt wieder Hunderttausende. Sage mir keiner: Wir können sie doch nicht in den Morast schicken! Wer kümmert sich denn um unsere Menschen? Es ist gut, wenn uns der Schrecken vorangeht, daß wir das Judentum ausrotten. Der Versuch, einen Judenstaat zu gründen, wird ein Fehlschlag sein.


Hitler, Table Talk, April 4, 1942 (Trevor-Roper):
Our compatriots forget too easily that the Jews have accomplices all over the world, and that no beings have greater powers of resistance as regards adaptation to climate. Jews can prosper anywhere, even in Lapland and Siberia.

Goebbels (Diaries), May 30, 1942:
Germans are involved in subversive movements only if the Jews tempt them. Therefore one must liquidate (liquidieren) the Jewish danger, cost it what it will. Given how few Jews can in reality adjust themselves to Western European life, one sees that, where they are led back into the ghetto, they quickly revert to form. West European civilization represents only an external coat of paint to them. There is also the Jewish essence, which works with a dangerous brutality and vindictiveness. Therefore the Führer does not at all wish that the Jews should be evacuated (evakuiert) to Siberia. There, under the harshest living conditions, they would undoubtedly develop again a strong life-element. He would much prefer to resettle (aussiedeln) them in central Africa. There they would live in a climate that would certainly not make them strong and resistant. In any case, it is the Führer’s goal to make Western Europe completely Jew-free. Here they may no longer have their homeland.

[Tiberius] suppressed all foreign religions, and the Egyptian and Jewish rites, obliging those who practised that kind of superstition, to burn their vestments, and all their sacred utensils. He distributed the Jewish youths, under the pretence of military service, among the provinces noted for an unhealthy climate; and dismissed from the city all the rest of that nation as well as those who were proselytes to that religion, under pain of slavery for life, unless they complied.

Goebbels (Diaries), March 7, 1942:
There are 11,000,000 Jews still in Europe. They will have to be concentrated later, to begin with, in the East; possibly an island, such as Madagascar, can be assigned to them after the war. In any case there can be no peace in Europe until the last Jews are eliminated from the continent.

Franz Rademacher:
February 10, 1942, Nuremberg Document NG-3933
Meanwhile, the war against the Soviet Union has allowed us to dispose of new territories for the final solution. Consequently, the Führer has decided to displace the Jews not towards Madagascar but towards the East. Thus, there is no longer any need to consider Madagascar for the final solution.

[Franz Rademacher was head of the Judenreferat (Referat D III) of Ribbentrop’s Foreign Affairs Ministry from 1940 to 1943.]

Paul Schmidt (Hitler’s Interpreter, p.g. 178):
Even his fanatical rage against the Jews seemed to have abated. “One could found a State of Israel in Madagascar,” he observed to Mussolini when they were discussing the future of the French colonial empire.

Hitler (Memoirs of a Confidant, p.g. 185-186):
The financial power of Jewry can be broken only by the creation of a large Jewish state to which all the Jews are deported. But since such a project cannot be undertaken unless the people of the world, without exception, form into a solid, closed union, there is no need to hurry.


Bolshevism: From Moses to Lenin
“The resolution of the Jewish high command many years ago to unleash the World War is well authenticated,” he said. “At the sixth Zionist Congress in Basel, in 1903, the president, Max Nordau, proclaimed: ‘Herzl knows that we stand before a tremendous upheaval of the whole world.’ Good old Herzl! What an idealist! Our charmers and wizards were filled with awe at the thought of this noble patriarch. The scoundrel knew, however, what his filthy people had in mind for us!”
“But Herzl was a Zionist,” I interjected.
“He was a Jew!” he said, striking the table with his fist. “The word Jew says everything. There is no need for any further distinction! ‘God’s chosen people’ want to have their own ‘God’s country’ again. Catch that: ‘again’! God’s people and God’s country, neither of which, in reality, ever existed! Every portrayal ridicules for its depravity that general state of affairs which existed for some six hundred years in Palestine, till the Assyrians put an end to the mischief. Can you call that a country? Can’t one accept the Old Testament as the authority on the matter? First we read of the uninterrupted murders and plunderings of the other peoples of Palestine, which, naturally, took many years. Then right up to the last, with the most abominable vileness, one state of anarchy followed another. The pinnacle, the flowering, the glory of Jewish statesmanship, namely, King David, was such a rascal that even the unprecedented villainy of the letter condemning Uriah was not enough for him; on his deathbed he urged his son to murder his old war comrade, Joab.

As revealed in his political dealings with his chosen people, Yahweh was fickle. Peace and security are less thematic in the history of Israel than political instability, warfare and religious apostasy.

Dietrich Eckart:
Without order and law no conception of state can be actualized, since they are the indispensable foundation for it. For this very reason, the Jew, the mortal enemy of order and law, can never create a viable state in Palestine. The result would again be chaos. For this word, correctly translated, means an infinite void, nothingness.

Robert Ley:
Even the claim that in ancient times the Jews had their own state, which the Zionists today use to support their claim for a new state, is false. There was a Middle Eastern ghetto in Jerusalem and its surroundings, but it hardly united all the Jews in the Middle East. We know that there were many more Jews living in Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and on the Greek islands, than there were in Jerusalem. And when we investigate this presumed Jewish state more closely, we learn from history that there were constant rebellions and counter-rebellions. One priest fought another priest. There was eternal unrest and rebellion throughout the ancient era, and into the Roman Empire. The myth of a Jewish state is as much a lie as all the other Jewish claims of their accomplishments.

Against the Galileans
But I know not whence I was as it were inspired to utter these remarks. However, to return to the point at which I digressed, when I asked, “Why were you so ungrateful to our gods as to desert them for the Jews?” Was it because the gods granted the sovereign power to Rome, permitting the Jews to be free for a short time only, and then forever to be enslaved and aliens? Look at Abraham: was he not an alien in a strange land? And Jacob: was he not a slave, first in Syria, then after that in Palestine, and in his old age in Egypt? Does not Moses say that he led them forth from the house of bondage out of Egypt “with a stretched out arm”? And after their sojourn in Palestine did they not change their fortunes more frequently than observers say the chameleon changes its colour, now subject to the judges, now enslaved to foreign races? And when they began to be governed by kings, – but let me for the present postpone asking how they were governed: for as the Scripture tells us, God did not willingly allow them to have kings, but only when constrained by them, and after protesting to them beforehand that they would thus be governed ill, – still they did at any rate inhabit their own country and tilled it for a little over three hundred years. After that they were enslaved first to the Assyrians, then to the Medes, later to the Persians, and now at last to ourselves.

Furthermore, Jehoiachin, the king of Judah, was regarded as a king in Babylon. And many of those who were led away into captivity returned home again during their lifetime (Haggai 2).

Now behold what a fine, thick, fat lie they pronounce when they say that they are held captive by us. Jerusalem was destroyed over fourteen hundred years ago, and at that time we Christians were harassed and persecuted by the Jews throughout the world for about three hundred years, as we said earlier. We might well complain that during that time they held us Christians captive and killed us, which is the plain truth. Furthermore, we do not know to the present day which devil brought them into our country. We surely did not bring them from Jerusalem.

Euphrates the Stoic:
Life of Apollonius
For the Jews have long been in revolt not only against the Romans, but against humanity; and a race that has made its own a life apart and irreconcilable, that cannot share with the rest of mankind in the pleasures of the table nor join in their libations or prayers or sacrifices, are separated from ourselves by a greater gulf than divides us from Susa or Bactra or the more distant Indies. What sense then or reason was there in chastising them for revolting from us, whom we had better have never annexed?

In addition, no one is holding them here now. The country and the roads are open for them to proceed to their land whenever they wish. If they did so, we would be glad to present gifts to them on the occasion; it would be good riddance. For they are a heavy burden, a plague, a pestilence, a sheer misfortune for our country. Proof for this is found in the fact that they have often been expelled forcibly from a country, far from being held captive in it. Thus they were banished from France (which they call *Tsorfath,* from Obadiah 20), which was an especially fine nest. Very recently they were banished by our dear Emperor Charles from Spain, the very best nest of all (which they called *Sefarad,* also on the basis of Obadiah). This year they were expelled from the entire Bohemian crownland, where they had one of the best nests, in Prague. Likewise, during my lifetime they have been driven from Regensburg, Magdeburg, and other places.

Bolshevism: From Moses to Lenin
“When Cyrus gave the Jews permission to return to Palestine (from their Babylonian ‘captivity’) the overwhelming majority ignored Zion and remained in immeasurably rich Babylonia. Completely content there, they continued their financial speculations and other activities.”
“In the year 1267,” I informed him, “there were only two Jewish residents in Jerusalem. Up to the World War, the number of Jews in all Palestine had grown to only 12,000, even though they had been free to return there since ancient times and certainly weren’t lacking travel expenses. The remaining twenty or so millions – exactly how many is difficult to ascertain, since the Jews themselves do the counting – fatten themselves upon the sweat of others all over the world. It is hard to understand how tiny Palestine can hope to accommodate this enormous crowd.”

Memoirs of a Confidant, p.g. 185-186:
“Here I must point out,” Hitler interrupted “that through its domination of the monetary system, Jewish power was always situated outside, among other peoples, never within the borders of its own Volk.
This is a remarkable phenomenon. The power a person or a Volk has abroad or in relation to the outside world is usually in inverse proportion to its own internal consolidation or its domestic power, unless we are speaking of a despotism based purely on military strength. The latter is, in my opinion, more powerful than financial might, but more dangerous, more easily attacked, and therefore vulnerable.
The Jewish people, however, possessed practically no proper state organization after its deportation into Babylonian captivity. Domestically, there no longer existed any kind of power concentration, and on the military level, Jewry had never had any significance. On the other hand, outside, among other peoples, we see the Jews everywhere as traders, merchants, and bankers–and in the main as moneylenders. And when they control the money, they control the financial power.”

Quran 4:160-161
For wrongdoing on the part of the Jews, We made unlawful for them [certain] good foods which had been lawful to them, and for their averting from the way of Allah many [people], And [for] their taking of usury while they [the Jews] had been forbidden from it, and their consuming of the people’s wealth unjustly. And we have prepared for the disbelievers among them a painful punishment.

With their accursed usury they hold us and our property captive. Moreover, they mock and deride us because we work and let them play the role of lazy squires at our expense and in our land. Thus they are our masters and we are their servants, with our property, our sweat, and our labor.

After the destruction of Jerusalem, these merchants, having already acknowledged extensive dealings with other businessmen of their language and faith, could gradually spread into far distant lands (in Europe), taking language and faith with them and remaining together, finding protection from the states into which they had moved because of the advantage of their business. – So their dispersion throughout the world, with their unity of religion and language, must not be attributed to a curse inflicted upon this people, but rather to a blessing; especially since their wealth, estimated per capita, probably now exceeds that of any other people of the same number.

Talmud, Pesachim 87b
Rabbi Oshaya said: What is the meaning of that which is written: “The righteous acts of His rulers [pirzono] in Israel” (Judges 5:11)? The Holy One, Blessed be He, performed a charitable deed toward Israel in that He scattered them [pizran] among the nations; had He exiled them to one place, they could have all been destroyed at once.

Hitler (Memoirs of a Confidant, p.g. 185-186):
If Jewish power had been centered in a strong mother country, the enemies of Judah could have destroyed the state and its power. They actually did destroy the state when it existed, they even razed the temple. But the financial power every single Jew possessed and wielded abroad was not touched by this act. And so this power went on nomadizing. There was no place where it could be touched, attacked, removed. For it had no vital center and did not lie in the area that was dominated by a military ruling power.

Robert Ley:
The Roman Emperor Hadrian even tore down the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, along with its treasure house, taking their golden idols from the Jews. He believed that by driving them out of their land to the four corners of the world, he would break their power. But their evil drives brought the Jewish desire for destruction everywhere they went.

Hitler (Memoirs of a Confidant p.g. 171):
Even if one expels the members of a Volk from a country or scatters them all over the world, the Volk does not cease to exist. Even after generations, it continues to harbor the longing for the native soil from which it was driven or the yearning for reunification.
Although Wilson recognized this fact and made it the subject of his Fourteen Points, he subsequently bowed to the others’ blind psychology of hate and the naive idiocy of those hidebound statesman.
On this point, too, the Jewish people furnish us with graphic examples. The Jews who were driven from the Rhineland and settled in Poland centuries ago still have the urge to return to Germany. To this day, the Eastern Jews have preserved their German language–Yiddish–and all the Eastern Jews who migrate to the West always begin by going to countries where German is spoken.
Another example is the longing for reunion in Palestine. Even though higher, political considerations have come to play a crucial part in this after almost two thousand years of dispossession, Jewish policy could not have forged this plan with any hope of success if it were not for that dormant longing.

Then I heard even more bitter news from the same Serov. He informed me that there were long lines of people wanting to go to the territory of Poland occupied by German troops, that a registration process was under way, and that the majority of the people in those waiting lines, who had previously fled from Poland’s western territories, were Jewish. They were standing there, begging to be included on the list of those being allowed to return to the areas occupied by the Germans. They were even giving bribes to the Gestapo. Some unfortunate Jew, who had a little house in Warsaw or somewhere else in the western part of Poland, or a tailor’s shop, an artisan or a small businessman, would give the Gestapo the last remnants of what he had brought with him when he fled. The Gestapo would do him the favor—put his name on the list—and he would go thanking them for doing that.
These people were returning to certain death. The Germans annihilated them, the same way they did with Jews on the territory of Germany.
But there was nothing we could do. We could not wage a truthful propaganda campaign because we were bound by the Ribbentrop-Molotov treaty, but the most horrible thing was that these people wouldn’t have listened to us if we had been able to talk to them. They were obsessed with only one desire: to return to their homes and hearths. They weren’t thinking about the fact that their home would become a tomb for them, that returning home marked them for certain death. Probably all these unfortunate people perished.

Memoirs of a Confidant, p.g. 185-186:
“What I find particularly interesting in your presentation,” I added, “is that you say that in fact, only military power can threaten Jewry, but only when Jewry lives together in a finite state. But at the present time, efforts are under way precisely on the part of Jewry to create a new Jewish state, and the Jews’ great hopes are focused on Palestine.”
That very fact shows you that the Jews do not genuinely care about an actual Jewish state. For the cunning Jew would not situate his national home in a place that just happens to be a desert and where there is a lack of all the raw materials necessary to a modern Volk. Therefore, the reestablishment of the Jewish state of Palestine has quite other motives.”

Mein Kampf:
The Jewish domination in the State seems now so fully assured that not only can he now afford to call himself a Jew once again, but he even acknowledges freely and openly what his ideas are on racial and political questions. A section of the Jews avows itself quite openly as an alien people, but even here there is another falsehood. When the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the new national consciousness of the Jews will be satisfied by the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine, the Jews thereby adopt another means to dupe the simple-minded Gentile. They have not the slightest intention of building up a Jewish State in Palestine so as to live in it. What they really are aiming at is to establish a central organization for their international swindling and cheating. As a sovereign State, this cannot be controlled by any of the other States. Therefore it can serve as a refuge for swindlers who have been found out and at the same time a high-school for the training of other swindlers. As a sign of their growing presumption and sense of security, a certain section of them openly and impudently proclaim their Jewish nationality while another section hypocritically pretend that they are German, French or English as the case may be. Their blatant behaviour in their relations with other people shows how clearly they envisage their day of triumph in the near future.

Hitler, August 15, 1920 speech:
And so we can now understand why the whole Zionist state and its establishing is nothing but a comedy. Herr Chief Rabbi has now said in Jerusalem: “Establishment of this state is not the most important; it is far from certain if it will at all be possible.”

Memoirs of a Confidant, p.g. 185-186:
“But this required a visible concentration of the Jewish people. Where this center was situated was in itself of no consequence whatever. For it was not meant to be a proper political or economic power center. This power would have to continue to reside abroad, among other nations. But we can see from the propaganda–for example, for the idea of the chosen people of Israel–the goal that is being pursued. If one has seen the greasy, threadbare, scheming Polish and Galician Jews, as they come into Vienna and Berlin, wearing their vermin-ridden caftans and carrying bundles of soiled clothes, one can acquire a proper taste for God’s chosen people! But the chosen people must connect with it’s old tradition. It had to go to Jerusalem. No other place in the world was as well suited and as significant.
The establishment of the Jewish state of Palestine is thus not the reunification of the Jewish people in one state, but the attempt to create a worldwide Jewish headquarters, intended–in time, using international financial power–to seize absolute control of the destinies of all the peoples in the world. In order, furthermore, to eliminate any possibility of a military display of power by any state, all that is required is the expansion of the League of Nations into a kind of world state. Then, if this world state might even be allowed to wield military might more or less in a world police–then Judah will finally have stabilized its financial power in the world, guaranteed and secured by the universal international military force, into which the oppressed are conscripted to serve their oppressors. That is the meaning of Palestine!”
“This financial power would be broken once and for by our idea of currency and ownership transfers. There is no doubt that world Jewry will make every effort to prevent its being put into practice – even its publication,” I said.

Hitler, January 1, 1939 speech:
It is possible that the necessity of resolving this problem sooner or later should bring about agreement in Europe, even between nations which otherwise might not have reconciled themselves as readily with one another. There is more than enough room for settlement on this earth. All we need to do is put an end to the prevailing assumption that the Dear Lord chose the Jewish people to be the beneficiaries of a certain percentage of the productive capacities of other peoples’ bodies and their labors. Either the Jews will have to adjust to constructive, respectable activities, such as other people are already engaged in, or, sooner or later, they will succumb to a crisis of yet inconceivable proportions.

Hitler, January 30, 1939 speech:

Nevertheless, let there be no doubt as to one point: all these attempts will not in the least sway Germany from its reckoning with Jewry. I would like to say the following on the Jewish question: it is truly a shaming display when we see today the entire democratic world filled with tears of pity at the plight of the poor, tortured Jewish people, while remaining hardhearted and obstinate in view of what is therefore its obvious duty: to help. All the arguments with which they seek to justify their non-intervention lend only further support to the stance of Germans and Italians in this matter.

For this is what they say: “We”-that is the democracies-“cannot possibly admit the Jews!” And this those world powers claim who can boast no more than ten persons per square kilometer while we must accommodate and feed 135 persons per square kilometer.

Then follow assurances: “We cannot take them unless they receive a certain monetary contribution from Germany to facilitate immigration.” Small matter that Germany has already been good enough to provide for these elements for centuries, who possessed little more than infectious political and sanitary diseases. What this people possesses today, it obtained at the cost of the not-so-cunning German Volk by means of the most base manipulations.

What we do today is no more than to set right the wrongs these people committed. In the days when the German Volk lost its savings, accumulated throughout decades of hard work, thanks to the inflation incited and nurtured by the Jews; when the rest of the world took the German Volk’s assets abroad; when it expropriated our colonial possessions; at that time such philanthropic contemplations did not yet play such an influential role in these democratic statesmen’s considerations. I wish to assure these gentle-men that, owing to a fifteen-yearlong crash course in democracy, we are today steeled against any sentimentality.

Richard Wagner:
When we strove for emancipation of the Jews, however, we virtually were more the champions of an abstract principle, than of a concrete case: just as all our Liberalism was a not very lucid mental sport — since we went for freedom of the Folk without knowledge of that Folk itself, nay, with a dislike of any genuine contact with it — so our eagerness to level up the rights of Jews was far rather stimulated by a general idea, than by any real sympathy; for, with all our speaking and writing in favour of the Jews’ emancipation, we always felt instinctively repelled by any actual, operative contact with them.


Memoirs of a Confidant, p.g. 69-70:

Hitler: It also proves, however, that our struggle and our mission, which only we regard as the struggle and mission for Germany, is perceived by worldwide Jewry as if it were directed against it’s totality–against the Jews as such. Therefore, wherever they wield power, they will use it to paralyze and prevent our work.
That is why no nation would take in the Jews as a whole if they were to be expelled from Germany, nor would the Jews agree to a Jewish state in the sense of a concentration of the entire Israelite tribe. For in so doing, they would be betraying their faith in the promise; they would be giving up the struggle at the very moment when they thought they had, in fact, won it.

Hess: It is quite certain that we will have the entire Jew-dominated world against us if we simply throw the Jews out of Germany. This they cannot accept, because of the consequences. For in such a case, another nation will do the same, and others will follow in their turn.

Hitler: We had already reached that point when we established the party program. And to this day, I have been unable to find a better solution than the one we foresaw at the time.
We must be very clear about the fact that we cannot remove the Jew as such. Rather, we must make it impossible for parasites to exist; we must prevent them from continuing to gain a foothold no the body of our Volk, from infusing poison into that body or attempting to gain power over it. At that point, the Jews will leave Germany of their own accord. For when it becomes impossible for a parasite to lives its parasitic existence in a certain place, it wanders off elsewhere, where conditions are more favorable to it, or it perishes.

Hitler, Table Talk, January 23, 1942 (Jochmann):

Hitler, Table Talk, January 23, 1942 (Trevor-Roper):
When I think about it, I realise that I’m extraordinarily humane. At the time of the rule of the Popes, the Jews were mistreated in Rome. Until 1830, eight Jews mounted on donkeys were led once a year through the streets of Rome.
For my part, I restrict myself to telling them they must go away. If they break their pipes on the journey, I can’t do anything about it. But if they refuse to go voluntarily, I see no other solution but extermination. Why should I look at a Jew through other eyes than if he were a Russian prisoner-of-war? In the p.o.w. camps, many are dying. It’s not my fault. I didn’t want either the war or the p.o.w. camps. Why did the Jew provoke this war?

Hitler, May 26, 1944, Platterhof hotel talk:
I forced the Jews out of their positions, and did so ruthlessly, of course. I didn’t do it cruelly, like nature, but rather, rationally, in order to retain the best, and now I had hundreds of thousands of positions. I was able to place many tens of thousands of capable children of the people in these positions. I released innumerable peat-bog digging college students from their fate and was able to put them in these positions. But I also made it possible for hundreds of thousands of proletarians and peasant children to grow into these positions in the future, which would otherwise have been claimed by Jews, a foreign body.

Hitler, September 16, 1919 letter:
Everything that makes a people strive for greater things, be it religion, socialism or democracy, merely serves the Jew as a means to the satisfaction of his greed and thirst for power. The result of his works is racial tuberculosis of the nation. And this has the following consequences: purely emotional anti-Semitism finds its final expression in the form of pogroms.
Rational anti-Semitism, by contrast, must lead to a systematic and legal struggle against, and eradication of what privileges the Jews enjoy over other foreigners living among us (Alien Laws). Its final objective, however, must be the total removal of all Jews from our midst. Both objectives can only be achieved by a government of national strength, never by a government of national impotence.